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“With the help of shepherdband I was able to enjoy the experience with my children!”

When Alex Kotz used ShepherdBand on their field trip she was amazed at how easy it was to use and it gave her the peace of mind to know her kids were close by! She could actually enjoy the experience along with her children instead of constantly looking for the strays. At the end of their trip, all she had to do was push a button to call them and without any stress got them all together again.

​As parents we know how stressful it can be to go on field trips with your children. We have lost ours and we would like to help other parents to not have to go through that experience...

ShepherdBand uses smart bracelets that allow you to summon your group for a meeting, as well as alert you if any group members wander too far away.


ShepherdBand gives children the chance to enjoy life and its wonderful experiences to its fullest, while giving the parent or chaperone the chance to enjoy it with them


Why did we make it?

Who is it for?

How does it work?