ShepherdBand was developed from the ground up to be a tool to help chaperones and parents manage groups of children in crowded places. It consists of two devices: the first is a bracelet that children wear on their wrists. The second is a bracelet that is worn by the chaperone.

The chaperone’s bracelet acts as a base station in that it connects wirelessly to the bracelets worn by the children (up to 30 per group - unlimited number of groups can be in the same area) and allows them to explore their surroundings without a parent constantly hovering over them. But, if any of the bracelets assigned to the chaperon’s goes out of the settable range (up to 400 yards), that culprit bracelet as well as the chaperone’s notifies its owner the moment it happens. The chaperone can also call all the bracelets assigned to him/her (and only the ones assigned to that bracelet) with the push of a button.
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How does ShepherdBand work?

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